iPhone Photo Recovery: How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from iPhone?

iphone-photo-recoveryiPhone was born in 2007, and since then iPhone quickly occupied the high-end smart phone market. iPhone’s camera is especially powerful; Whether taking pictures or shooting videos, iPhone seemed at ease. High-end Smartphone including iPhone even threats digital cameras and video cameras in the market. With the popularity of the iPhone, more and more users are faced with a threat: For various reasons, such as software bug, viruses or operational failures that result in iPhone photos or video loss. Is there any way you can recover lost photos or videos, and even songs? The answer is definitely YES! With only iPhone data recovery software, you can retrieve lost, deleted or even formatted files including pictures, videos, songs, contacts, documents, messages and more from iPhone.

Why Deleted or Lost Pictures can be retrieved from iPhone?

iPhone data loss is divided into two situations: iPhone data loss, no iTunes backup; iPhone data loss, have an iTunes backup. If the lost data have an iTunes backup, you can extract lost files from the iTunes backup. Otherwise, you need to restore them from your iPhone device.

Why lost data like pictures or videos can be retrieved from iPhone device? This is because when you delete a file, the position occupied by this file will be marked as “space can be overwritten” by iPhone. In other words, the lost or deleted files are still there until new data is written to this location. Once new files are written to the position occupied by deleted files, and then lost or deleted files gone forever. Therefore, once accidentally deleted a file, you should immediately stop operating your iPhone, to avoid the new data being written so as to increasing the probability of recovering lost data.

In order to restore the lost data, you need outstanding and easy to use iPhone data recovery software. It uses a special algorithm to scan your iPhone internal memory or iTunes backup files to recover lost images and other files. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating system:

iPhone Data Recovery for Windows


iPhone Data Recovery for Mac


It Can Restore Lost Movies, Songs, Documents, SMS, Contacts and even more as well.

In fact, in addition to pictures, videos and music files, the iPhone data recovery software can recover documents, SMS, contacts, call histories and more. This software can help you to recover lost photos and other files even if your iPhone is lost, stolen or damaged, as long as your iPhone was synced to iTunes. After the scan is complete, the found files will be classified into in different directories. You can preview the file has been found before performing recovery. Finally choose what you want to restore or just restore all found files.

How to Perform iPhone Deleted Photos Recovery?

iPhone Data Recovery Software is an excellent and easy to use tool. To recover lost data from iPhone requires only a few steps: Connect your phone to computer (as the case may be), scan, and recover. For more information, please refer to the following two articles:

Tutorial for Windows Users


Tutorial for Mac OS X Users


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