How to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Files from iPhone on Mac OS X

Have you lost the data on your iPhone device? Looking for a solution to recover your important files? Try the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software which is just ideal for restoring your lost data in just a few steps. The best thing about this software is that it is compatible with a number of iPhone device like the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S etc. Through this software, you can easily recover the contacts directly, get the data from the damaged or crashed devices, and recover deleted files and lots more.

So if you have encountered any of the above problems, you can easily follow the given below steps and you will be able to retrieve your data directly. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility is one of the best iPhone data rescue tools that help you to retrieve data directly from iPhone device and from the iTunes backup files too.

Retrieval Mode 1: Directly retrieve files from iPhone

Retrieval Mode 2: Retrieve files from iTunes Backup Files

Mode 1: Directly Retrieve Deleted Files from iPhone Device

Preparing: Download and install Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility on your Mac.

Note: For iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users, do NOT make your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S enter into DFU mode. Just skip step 2 and execute step 3.

Step 1 – The very first step is to connect your device to the PC through the USB data cable. Once the connection appears, launch the Tenorshare software already installed on your Mac. Two options will come before you, one is through iOS devices and the other one is through iTunes backup files. Select the first option, that is “Recover Data from iOS Devices”.


Step 2 – Now start the DFU mode. This is very simple. Just follow the instructions on the GUI interface of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility.


Step 3 – As soon as your iPhone enters in the DFU mode, it will establish the connection of your device with the software. When it reaches 100%, you will get an option “Start Scan”, click here and get started.


The software will scan your complete device to find out the information about the lost, deleted and the damaged files.


Step 4 – Once the scanning starts, a number of options will come before you. Call history, SMS, photos, videos, notes, messages, contacts, reminders etc. can be retrieved by clicking on every category. In this way, you will be able to find the entire data that you might have lost due to any reason.


Step 5 – When you click on the “Recover” button, it will ask you the path where you wish to save these files. Provide that path and in a few seconds, your files will be saved to the mentioned location. You can ensure that the files are retrieved or not by checking on your PC.


Thus by following the above steps one by one, you can easily get your lost data thus overcoming your problems. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software is definitely an excellent option to recover any type of data from iPhone on MAC.

Mode 2: Retrieve Lost Files from iTunes Backup Files

Many a times it happens that the data is lost while updating the device, in such a case, you can take the help of this software through which you can certainly get your lost data back. But to reach the target, it is very necessary to follow the step by step procedure or else the full data cannot be recovered via iTunes backup files.

So get ready to begin the process of recovering the data through the iTunes backup file on Mac.

Preparing: Download and install iPhone Data Recovery program on your Mac machine.

Note: In this recovery mode, do NOT connect your iPhone device to your Mac machine.

Step 1 – To start with the process, firstly launch the Tenorshare software present on your Mac machine. Once the software is launched, select “Recover data from the iTunes backup files” from there. Choose the right iTunes backup file and begin the scan by clicking on the “Start Scan” button.


Step 2 – As Scanning is done. All the deleted, lost or damaged files are restored back without any problem. And you will be able to preview all your backup data. To get the preview of the backup data, you can click on any of the categories that are present on the left panel.


Step 3 – Once you have decided which files to retrieve, just select them one by one and click on “recover”. You will be asked to select the location where your data will be saved. Choose the path according to your preference or create a new folder to save the files. Thus you can easily get back your data without taking any tension.


So if you have already created a backup of your files, it becomes very simple to retrieve that data through the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility.

Even a better option is to use the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software to create a backup of your iPhone data before you update the iOS to combat all kinds of issues. Thus try the above process and I’m sure you will be able to retrieve the deleted or lost data in no time.

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