How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from iPhone on Windows

iPhone is one of the smartphones that people can’t get over with. From the cool and amazing features that it has to offer, they will surely want to have one. These types of phones may consist of beautiful applications but these are not exempted for files that can be corrupted. There are times that people unexpectedly delete important files from their iPhones. Some are due to viruses that cause for their files not to open. Good thing that with the computer experts of today, there will be no more worries regarding this type of issues. There are many file recovery services available today that are reliable in giving a better solution.
One of these is Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery that is best in dealing with iPhone recovery. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is a program that can cater to every needs of iPhone. This tool is good in recovering for lost files or data. It has been proven to be very effective in bringing back the files that are needed. It is simple and easy to use and by just following the instructions stated, the lost data can be recovered in an instant. Their services are guaranteed to give the best result in iPhone recoveries.
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software can recover lost or delete files from iPhone device or iTunes backup files. Choose mode 1 if you did NOT back up iphone files on your PC; other wise choose the other mode.
iPhone Recovery Mode 1: Recover from iPhone Device
iPhone Recovery Mode 2: Recover from iTunes backup files

iPhone Recovery Mode 1: Directly Recover Lost or Deleted Files from iPhone Device

Preparing: Download Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows software.
Note: For iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users, do NOT make your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S enter into DFU mode. Just skip step 2 and execute step 3.
STEP 1: The first thing that needs to be done is to connect the iPhone with the use of the USB cable to a PC. Launch iPhone Data Recovery program and select “Recover Data from iOS Devices” that recover lost or deleted data from iOS device.

STEP 2: Next is entering into the DFU mode. This is where they will load certain data into the program. Follow the instructions on the GUI interface of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery tool. Once your iPhone enter into DFU mode, the device screen will be blank without logo on it.

STEP 3: The scanning process can now start to find the lost data. The iPhone data rescue tool will start a communication process with your iPhone. As the Progress bar reaches 100%, a “Start Scan” button will appear. Just click it.

STEP 4: When the scanning is done, a preview of the files scanned will appear. These are listed accordingly depending on the different categories. It can be seen one by one and choose the file that needs to be recovered. In this way it is not time consuming by just recovering the files that are needed.

STEP 5: There is a box on the lefts side of the file where a check mark can be put. By clicking the box it means that those are the files intended to be recovered. Then choose the path where it will save on the PC so it can be easily found. Then click “Recover” button.

Within minutes the files can now be viewed on the PC. It’s as easy as that the files are now ready to be saved again in iPhones. With the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility at hand there will be no more worries in recovering for files that are deleted.

iPhone Recovery Mode 2: Retrieve Lost or Deleted Data from iTunes Backup Files

It is important that users always keep a back up of their files because these can be recovered in cases of emergency. The simplest way in backing up iTunes is by synchronizing it to a PC. Once the files are lost, these can be recovered from the PC but will not be visible. That’s why Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery tool is here to help with the recovery processes. All the user needs to do is to choose the recovery data for the iTunes backup file. This will help in detecting the backup files that will be shown later on the screen.
Preparing: Download and install Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery utility.
Note: In this recovery mode, do NOT connect your iPhone device to your PC.
STEP 1: Launch iPhone Data Recovery tool and choose the “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode. Select the right iTunes backup file, and then click “Start Scan” button to continue the process.

STEP 2: After the scanning has ended, a preview of the backup files will appear. These are arranged accordingly for easier locating of the files needed. The preview will give the user the opportunity in choosing the needed files that will have to be recovered. The rest can be disregarded which will then save time in searching for things that are not needed.

STEP 3: The next thing to do is to choose the files needed by simply putting a check mark on the box. These can simply be done by just clicking the box provided for the files. After choosing the files, click the “recover” button below to start the recovering process. Then, the procedure is now complete and it can be saved again in the iPhone.

There are also other services those Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program offers where the data from the iPhone like SMS, photos and others can be transferred to the PC. By using this software, this can be achieved since these are necessary if the OS of the phone is going to be updated. They have a free trial for those who want to avail their services. Using Tenorshare iPhone Recovery utility can be a great help in recovering lost iPhone files or iTunes backup files.

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