iPhone Data Recovery: How to Restore Lost Data from iPhone Device or iTunes Backup Files?

iphone-data-recoveryLost contacts or SMS messages from your iPhone due to reasons like wrong operation, virus attack, system error or any other reasons? Accidentally deleted precious pictures or movies from your iPhone (3G/4/4S/5/5S/5C)? If you encounter similar iPhone data loss situation, then you need iPhone data recovery software to restore the lost or erased files from your iPhone device. The software introduced in this article is a powerful and easy to use iPhone file retrieval program which can recover contacts, text messages, images, videos, music, call histories, memos, calendars and more from your iPhone device. This iPhone data recovery application offers two recovery mode: directly recover lost files from iPhone device or restore deleted data from previous iTunes back files. It can retrieve lost files from all kinds of iPhone easily and completely without any issue. Simply download and install the proper version of iPhone data recovery software on your PC or Mac, and do as the tutorial told at the end of this article to get back all lost files from you iPhone.

Recover iPhone Files Under Any Data Loss Situation With ease

iphone-data-recovery-data-loss-situationYou can use this professional and powerful iPhone data recovery program to get back lost files when:

1. Accidently delete one files or deleted all files like SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, songs and more from iPhone;

2. Lost iPhone files due to reasons like virus infection, formatting, unlocking, jailbreaking and more;

3. iPhone is stolen or lost;

4. iPhone can not power on due to reasons like water damaged, physical damaged, broken, iOS system upgrade failure or after factory setting restore;

5. More reasons that result to iPhone file loss.

iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

iPhone Data Recovery for Windows Users
free-download(for iPhone 5/5S/5C)                  free-download(for iPhone 4S)

free-download(for iPhone 4)                             free-download(for iPhone 3GS)


iPhone Data Recovery for Mac OS X Users
free-download(for iPhone 5/5S/5C)                   free-download(for iPhone 4S)

free-download(for iPhone 4)                              free-download(for iPhone 3GS)



iPhone Data Recovery Mode One: Directly Retrieve Deleted Files from iPhone Device

iPhone-data-recovery-directly-recovery-from-iphoneIf your iPhone could turn on normally, no matter what reasons that cause the data loss, then it is advice to directly restore lost files from iPhone device. Remember: (1) once found iPhone data loss, you should stop using your iPhone immediately, that is stopping calling, sending message, taking pictures and so on. (2) Then, scan and restore lost data from your iPhone with iPhone data recovery software. However, you can also try another iPhone recovery mode (in the next sector of this article) to see whether there are some more gains or not.





iPhone Data Recovery Mode Two: Extract and Restore Lost Data from iTunes Backup Files

iphone-data-recovery-rescue-from-iTunes-backupIf your iPhone is lost (stolen) or unable to be used due to water damaged, apple logo white screen of death, iOS system error and more, then you can extract and recover lost data from iTunes backup files. Generally, iTunes will backup your iPhone data to your PC or Mac when transfer files between iPhone device and your computer. Thus, you still have chance to retrieve lost files from your dead iPhone or even it is gone. Remember: Once found iPhone fault or your iPhone is lost, your should immediately recover lost data from iTunes backup files with this best iPhone data recovery software.




Recover Various File Formats from All Kinds of iPhone Device

iphone-data-recovery-supported-file-formatsIt is a powerful and easy-to-use iPhone data recovery tool, which could restore or undelete almost all kinds of iPhone files from all versions of iPhone device.

Supported iPhone File Formats: photos, videos, audio files, contacts, SMS Messages, call logs, memos, calendars, Safari data, bookmarks, notes, reminders, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Message Attachments, Voice Memos, Text, recordings, whatsapp, SMS attachments, and so on.

Supported iPhone Devices: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C based on iOS 5/6/7


Step by Step Tutorial: How to Perform iPhone Data Recovery on Windows and Mac OS X?

The iPhone Data Recovery utility have a wizard-based graphical user interface. Following the user friendly GUI, it is pretty easy to get back your lost iPhone files with only a few clicks. You can also preview the found files like text messages, pictures, contacts and more before full recovery, which allow you to mark and choose the specific files that you want to recover. Please read the specific tutorial according to your computer operation system and your iPhone data loss situation:

Windows Users Mac OS X Users
iPhone can power on normally recover data from iPhone on Windows recover data from iPhone on Mac
iPhone is lost or unable to turn on recover data from iTunes backup on Windows  recover data from iTunes backup on Mac

Tips: how to prevent iPhone data loss?

(1) Backup important files to your local computer or iCloud frequently

(2) Think three seconds before delete important files.

(3) Protect your iPhone from water damaged, physical damaged, or stolen.

(4) Backup your precious files before jailbreaking, unlocking, factory setting restore, system upgrade and more.

(5) Once found iPhone data loss, stop using your iPhone device immediately to avoid deleted files overwritten by new generated files that could make your lost data disappear forever. Then download and install the proper version of iPhone data recovery app to rescue lost iPhone files completely.

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